Sergio Alvarez-Mena Partner, Jones Day Selected as FIBA’s August 2021 Member of the Month

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Fiba Blog

FIBA is pleased to announce a monthly initiative to recognize a member who has made meaningful contributions to advancing FIBA’s mission to the benefit of all of our members. We encourage all members to contact us if they have ideas to share or if they want to increase their engagement with FIBA.

About Sergio

Combining years of private practice, in-house experience, and business leadership at leading international private wealth firms, Sergio Alvarez-Mena provides unique insight and solutions to the industry’s private wealth challenges. A recognized industry leader, he represents clients in cross-border matters involving the U.S. and international regulatory authorities including in-country regulators. He regularly advises international banks and broker-dealers in their private wealth business on tax transparency, AML issues arising from private wealth matters, SEC and FINRA obligations, and conduct of business internationally. Sergio has an extensive legal and corporate background in cross-border regulatory matters involving the Latin American, European, and Asian private banking markets.

For the past few years, Sergio has been one of FIBA’s most valuable advocates and has done an outstanding job of raising FIBA’s profile as a thought leader in the financial services community. As Chair of the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee, he has created a process of issuing alerts on important regulatory issues and has worked with FIBA staff and regulators to ensure that the interests of FIBA members are represented. We thank Sergio for his time and dedication.