Phishing Has Been the Most Used Type of Attack During the Pandemic

by | Jan 4, 2022 | 37th CELAES Bank Security Conference, Fiba Blog

“In Latin America, crime migrates, the way the criminal’s attack also migrates. Today something might happen in Peru, and then tomorrow it will happen in Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, or Ecuador,” said Jaime Berry, President of the CELAES Committee of the Latin American Federation of Banks – FELABAN.

According to him, learning about what happens in some countries will help others prepare and take countermeasures so that once those threats arrive, they do not affect them as much, which is the reason why he is very excited about presenting the 37th Latin American Congress of Experts in Banking Security – CELAES 2022.

FELABAN, along with FIBA and their cybersecurity committees, have jointly developed “a very enriching agenda with top experts of the industry,” said Mr. Berry. “Among the themes to be discussed at the event are those related to Cybersecurity, such as the evolution of Cybersecurity in Latin America, Cybernetic Risk Management, Ransomware, and Emerging Technologies.”

 Regulations for the Exchange of Information and Protection thereof will also be covered, “taking into account that Latin American countries have different regulations, which have the same purpose but are handled in different ways.”

Other themes included are Malware Analysis, Countermeasures to counteract massive attacks, Vulnerabilities in Payment Methods, Phishing, the use of Analytical Video in Fraud Prevention, Actions of the Virtual Offender and Physical Offender, Vision and Transformation of Physical Security towards automation focused on virtual surveillance, among the most relevant.

“These are relevant topics that will be presented by great speakers, such as Peter Warmka – Former Senior Intelligence Officer of the CIA,” said Berry adding that nowadays criminals carry their misdeeds without showing their faces and that Phishing has been the most used type of attack during the pandemic.

The conference’s agenda is based on attack trends and aims to give participants the tools needed to identify risks, evaluate them and implement best practices in security-related issues in their different profiles (fraud, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Physical Security, Safety and Occupational Health).”

The event will take place on June 20 and 21, 2022 in Miami and “aims to update knowledge and exchange experiences in the face of new challenges for those of us who are responsible for security in the different institutions that we represent,” concluded Berry.

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