New AMLCA for the Casino Sector Begins in June 

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Education & Training

By: Sofia Villalobos

Miami, Florida – April 26, 2017 – After over ten years of offering the Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA) certification, FIBA – The Florida International Bankers Association, is providing professionals in the casino services sector a tailored program that identifies important requirements to lawfully operate within the gaming industry.

Each participant will be presented with the latest criteria in prevention and controls to successfully audit and supervise a team of individuals working in this sector. The certification will be offered from FIBA, for the first time, on June 6 & 7, 2017 at the LAFT America Risk Management Conference taking place in Bogotá, Colombia.

FIBA’s CEO, David Schwartz, J.D., had received many requests from Latin American businesses outside of banking to develop programs in other industries. “As laws have changed in Latin America, FIBA is responding to several private and non-financial sectors that require employees to be certified in compliance – such as the gaming industry,” he said.  

The two-day program will be taught in Spanish by the course developer, Julio Aguirre, AMLCA, CPAML. Mr. Aguirre has over 27 years of banking experience in Latin America’s private and public sectors. He has specialized in dealing with risk management and banking matters, and his knowledge in AML allows him to manage the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, worldwide. 

The course was created with the highest standards to cover general anti-money laundering protocols but also includes a wealth of information on associated risks, preventative internal systems, industry alerts, evaluations, and real case studies that directly impact the way casinos are to be managed. Upon completion, each learner will be able to detect risks and build their own evaluation and control systems to prevent money laundering activity.

FIBA offers high-quality and up-to-date compliance programs in many areas. By working closely with diverse sectors, FIBA evaluates and detects the training needs for specific industries. The field experts respond by creating current course developments to provide compliance solutions. Please stay connected to find out more about continuing education programs that are currently being developed.

For more information about FIBA’s certifications and other professional development programs, please visit or contact Sofia Villalobos, FIBA’s Institute Director via email at or by phone at (305) 539-3746.