Myths and Realities of Online Learning with FIBA

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Fiba Blog

Some people have a preconceived notion about online learning. The list of myths and realities below will set the record straight about online classes with FIBA.

Myth #1 – Online classes are much easier than regular classes.
The truth is online classes are just as challenging as in-person instruction. To get the most out of each course, participants will need to manage their time effectively, stay organized, and submit professionally written assignments.

Myth #2 – You must log in and be online and available during specific times of the day.
All FIBA classes are asynchronous, and you can log on anytime, 24/7, to participate in classroom activities and submit assignments. Our classes are built around flexibility, and you can fit your education into your schedule your way.

Myth #3 – You can’t earn the same number of credits with an online class.
Not only do all FIBA’s online courses offer the same credits and competencies, but they are also taught by the same FIBA instructors who teach our in-person classes and certifications.

Myth #4 – With online classes, you don’t get the same level of support or academic resources as with in-person courses.
Along with the price of admission, each student will receive live, online assistance at no extra cost from FIBA and FIU. You may also take advantage of our help desk, and student services support at any time during enrollment and the entire class term.

Myth #5 – You don’t really need to participate in the classes
As a FIBA student, you are expected to participate in online discussions, communicate with other classmates and the instructors. We have discussion forums set up to host the classroom interaction and submit and review assignments.

Myth #6 – You have to authenticate your identity during course participation.
During your online classroom experience, you will only need to verify your identity when taking the final certification exam. However, you must use proper identification to authenticate your identity at that time.

Although online education is different than a physical classroom, FIBA’s courses and certifications are fully accredited and carry the same competencies and course credits as in-person learning. Online learning saves time and money along with travel expenses to and from the classroom. It also offers students flexibility and the convenience of studying on their own schedule. What are you waiting for? Sign up today.