Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management Private Sector Credentialing Guidance

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Fiba News

Business owners’ access to areas under a curfew is guided by the Miami-Dade County Protective Measures Plan. This plan establishes guidelines that are followed by Miami- Dade County departments and municipalities in coordinating and managing the re-entry to affected areas.

Access to businesses in an affected areas are based on the needs of businesses to restock their supplies and return to normal operations as soon as possible. This guidance document offers resources and tips on maintaining access during and following an emergency and/or disaster.

Enforcement of Business Access
The imposition of curfews or the closing of certain types of businesses in Miami-Dade County is embodied in Miami-Dade County Ordinance 8B and Florida Statute 252. These ordinances empower the County Mayor to establish a curfew. Law Enforcement (County and Municipal) is responsible for enforcing the curfew. In order to accomplish this task the following actions may be taken:
• Facilitation of restricted entry
• Establishing guidelines for permitting workers restricted entry from the critical private sector, critical public sector, and tourist and visitors sector
• Establishing locations of restricted entry points

Restricted Entry Credentials
Business owners are encouraged by ESF 18 (Business & Industry) to provide their employees with the following prior to a disaster:
• Business photo identification
• A letter from their employer stating that they are an essential employee
• A letter to their vendors stating that they need access to the area for deliveries or services. For example, banks may need to have an agency remove money if a branch cannot reopen.

ESF 18 (Business & Industry) recommends that if private sector partners are stopped by law enforcement they should abide by the following recommendations:
• Be courteous and truthful to the police officer at all times.
• If the police officer refuses to let them pass don’t argue with him/her, just follow their directions and contact your employer.
• Have all their necessary documentation, such as:
   o Driver’s License
   o Proof of Registration
   o Insurance Card
   o Company ID and Essential Employee Letter

Company Photo Identification Guidance
The Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management recommends that business photo identification contains the following minimum information:
• Photo of the employee
• Business logo
• The employee’s name and title
• Expiration date

Essential Employee Letter
This letter should contain the following basic information:
• Businesses Logo, name, location and general contact information
• Employee’s name and contact information
• Employee’s title and basic job responsibilities
• Expiration date for the letter
• Manager’s name, title and contact information and/or 24-hour contact to verify the letter’s content

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