How do Black Swan Events, like the COVID-19 Pandemic, Impact the Markets?

by | Apr 22, 2022 | 37th CELAES Bank Security Conference, Fiba Blog

According to the UN, “the outbreak of the pandemic represented a diversified emergency by sectors and by human units. It has had first and foremost medical and health impacts and, secondly, economic, security, social and psychological impacts.”

What have we learned from it? What are potential upcoming threats? 

Vincent J. Torres, CHEP, Emergency Management Director from the University of Miami Health System & Miller School of Medicine, will go over the historic nature of Covid-19 and its impact in health care, as well black swan events and how they have impacted the markets during his presentation at the upcoming 37th Latin American Congress of Experts in Banking Security – CELAES 2022.

For him, “Cross industry collaboration is especially important nowadays because we have a lot of interdependencies with each other, stuff we don’t even realize in the front end.”

At the event, to be held in Miami on June 20 and 21, 2022, more than 600 industry leaders from 45 countries will come together to examine trends and share knowledge.

Key takeaways from Vincent’s presentation will include an overview of all the overlaying black swans’ events that have occurred in the last couple years and what we can expect going forward.

Vincent joined the University of Miami in 2014. In this role, he supervises a team of emergency management professionals to mitigate risk and ensures the resiliency of the only academic health system in South Florida. Overseeing three hospitals and a mix of over 40 outpatient clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, academic, research, and administrative facilities spread across four counties on the east and west coasts of Florida, gives Vincent unparalleled access to real-life health data. Throughout his career, he has held various positions in the public and private sectors in law enforcement, corporate security, and emergency management.

Join him and some of the biggest players and brightest minds in financial security between June 20th and 21st, 2022 in Miami. During CELAES 2022, you will be able to share knowledge and discuss the data, case studies, strategies, and best practices that are shaping the current landscape. Register now and enjoy early bird prices!