FIBA’s New Look!

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Fiba Blog

FIBA is making some big changes. As part of our rebranding in December, we are adding new benefits, changing our name, and restructuring our subscription plans to benefit our members. 

Upcoming Changes

FIBA has been serving the international banking industry for more than 40 years. In 2022, we plan on making some changes to enhance your benefits and make membership even more accessible. Some of the upcoming changes include:


As a member of FIBA, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of membership, including:

Executive Education – The core of FIBAs mission is education. Enjoy educational resources, webinars, seminars, and classes on the most crucial topics in banking: compliance, wealth management, cybersecurity, and correspondent banking. Our education benefit includes our flagship programs, the AMLCA and the CPAML Compliance Certifications, in partnership with the Florida International University’s College of Business Administration.

Event Access – Free and discounted admission to a wide variety of FIBA partner events, including the FIBA AML Compliance Conference and webinars.

Advocacy – FIBA is a trusted advocate and partners with local, state, and federal agencies to help with decision-making and lawmaking.

Networking – Benefit from networking with thousands of the most prominent figures and industry experts in international banking. You can join 11 different FIBA committees. 

FIBA Connect – Access to FIBA’s exclusive social media platform where you can connect with and network with other members to share information and provide assistance.

Membership Levels

FIBA has four membership levels that enhance our benefit packages and create affordable options for everyone. You can choose from the individual, silver, gold, and platinum plans.

Some of the highlights of each plan are:

Individual Membership ($250 annually) – The individual plan includes exclusive access to our members-only events and pages. Also included are free webinars, committee participation, access to networking opportunities, and our engagement platform, along with discounts (10%) towards FIBA/FIU certifications.

Silver Membership ($1,500 annually) – Our silver membership for non-financial institutions only includes everything the individual plan has, plus access to additional events, pages, free webinars, network opportunities, and special events.

Gold Membership ($3,500 annually) – The gold membership includes everything from the silver plan plus 10% off our FIBA Open Banking Platform event as a sponsor. 

Platinum Membership ($5,500 annually) – Our platinum level is the highest. It includes 15% off the FIBA Open Banking Platform event as a sponsor, 10% off FIBA Conference sponsorships, FIBA branding for your corporate website (logos/banner/links), and a backlink on FIBA’s website. You also will be included in the FIBA monthly newsletter, receive recognition at FIBA-sponsored events, can host a webinar, and get to be a guest on FIBA’s podcast. 

Regardless of the membership plan you chose, you are making a wise decision to join FIBA, the leading financial international banking association, to collaborate, learn from, and work with thousands of industry professionals from around the globe.