Collaboration is Key to Combat International Cybercrime and Fraud

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Fiba Blog

“In the international world of cybercrime and fraud there are no boundaries anymore,” said Robert Villanueva, Executive Vice President at Q6 Cyber.

For the former Head of Global Cyber Threat Intelligence at the U.S. Secret Service, networking is essential when it comes to combating fraud in general and especially internationally. “Whether it is with the private sector or law enforcement, collaboration in person is always something that is important,” he added.

The specialist in international fraud trends will be one of the speakers at the 37th CELAES Banking Security Conference organized by FELABAN & FIBA this June, and he urges anyone involved in Bank security to attend. “It’s a whole different aspect when you are dealing with somebody in person,” he said.

According to him, the bottom line is that criminals that may be targeting one financial institution this week, next week might be targeting yours using the same technique and the same tactics. “So it is good to know how they are doing it to get in front of the threat and be preventive instead of reactive.”

In this ever-changing environment, Villanueva and his fellow speakers will go over the international fraud trends in the US and Latin America. “Cyber-crime and cyber intelligence will be on the forefront of the presenters,” he said. Other topics will include ransomware attacks, cryptocurrencies, how blockchain is impacting the financial sector, digital fraud, malware, and virus infrastructure globally, and how all of these are impacting the US and LatAm.

Join him and other personalities on June 20 and 21, 2022 in Miami in order to analyze the best practices for the financial sector industry in banking security through solutions and strategies.

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