Are You Really Safe From Cybercrime?

by | Apr 8, 2022 | 37th CELAES Bank Security Conference, Fiba Blog

One goal – combat cybercrime. FIBA and FELABAN will once again join forces to host the 37th Bank Security Conference – CELAES in Miami on June 20 and 21, 2022. The event focuses on enhancing information-sharing and collaboration across banking and non-banking institutions to stop cybercrimes.

More than 600 industry leaders from 45 countries will come together to examine trends and share knowledge. Through case studies, exploration of strategies, and conversations on best practices, participants will receive the latest update on the financial cybersecurity landscape. “United we can accelerate the process,” said Financial and International Business Association (FIBA) CEO, David Schwartz.

According to FIBA, the role and responsibilities of the chief information security officer (CISO) continue to evolve in an ever-changing environment therefore it is important to have a forum that will allow for knowledge transfer throughout the region.
“The conference’s agenda is based on attack trends and aims to give participants the tools needed to identify risks, evaluate them and implement best practices in security-related issues in their different profiles,” said Jaime Berry, Director of Corporate Security at Banistmo and President of the CELAES Committee of the Latin American Federation of Banks – FELABAN.

37th CELAES keynote speakers include: 

  • Peter Warmka, founder of the Counterintelligence Institute. The author and former CIA intelligence officer spent over two decades breaching the security of target organizations overseas. He will share methodologies utilized by today’s threat actors to circumvent the technological controls, policies, and procedures put in place to safeguard organizations and their data. 
  • Perry Carpenter, awareness practitioner, CISO mentor, researcher, and author. He will delve into ideas on how to leverage social dynamics to drive behavior and shape culture. At the conference, Perry will unveil exciting behavior and culture models that will help weave security values throughout the fabric of your organizational culture.

During the event, the industry’s most senior security professionals will educate participants on emerging threats and best practices to proactively defend against increasingly sophisticated adversaries via panel discussions, break-out sessions, and live simulations.

Session topics include: Citizen insecurity and crime migration in Latin America, Hacking with accuracy, Decentralized identity, The digital ecosystem, The impact of crypto, Ransomware mechanics, Digital security in the financial sector and development of human talent, Phishing and vishing, Risks & Countermeasures to counter massive attacks on the financial sector, Cybersecurity and emerging technologies, as well as COVID-19 and other Black Swan events.

Speakers include:

All sessions will be recorded and will remain on the platform for three months. Those registered can also enjoy over 100 days of networking before, during, and after the conference.

The first 250 people to register will win a signed copy of one of CELAES’s keynote speakers’ books, Peter Warmka’s “Confessions of a CIA Spy, The Art of Human Hacking” or Perry Carpenter’s “The Security Culture Playbook.”

Register and win!