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FIBA is a non profit trade association, founded in 1979.  Its membership includes financial institutions from 18 countries, across 4 continents, including some of the largest banks from Europe, the US and Latin America.

The primary business focus of FIBA members is Latin America, including international correspondent banking - bank to bank relationships with their counterparts in Latin America - which helps facilitate North-South trade flows, and international wealth management/private banking services for non-residents, including estate and succession planning. Learn more

Keep in Touch, Our emails have changed:

FIBA would like to inform you that our email addresses have changed.  Below you will find a list of the FIBA Staff and our new emails so you can update your address book accordingly.

Executive Management
David Schwartz, President and CEO - DSchwartz@fiba.net
John Harriman, Chief Operating Officer - JHarriman@fiba.net

Education & Training
Matthew Bennett, Manager of Education and Training - MBennett@fiba.net
Karina Zurita, Operations Manager & Marketing Support - KZurita@fiba.net
Jessica Romero, Assistant Operations Manager - JRomero@fiba.net

Member Services
Stephanie Lambert, Member Services and Human Resources Manager - SLambert@fiba.net
Tania Maysonet, Member Services Coordinator - TMaysonet@fiba.net

Belkis Lopez, Director of Conferences and Business Development - BLopez@fiba.net
Leonidas Pretelt, Conference Manager - LPretelt@fiba.net
Ana Valencia, Logistics - AValencia@fiba.net

Yanira Villanueva, Marketing Manager - YVillanueva@fiba.net
Ashley Mouriz, Marketing Coordinator - AMouriz@fiba.net

FIBA in the News

Roberto R. Muñoz, FIBA President

Miami, One Community One Goal

Roberto R. Muñoz, President of FIBA

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